Best Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires

Many truck owners utilize their vehicles to pull stuff, mostly on off-roads and rough terrains that are out of the way. If by chance, your truck tire gets flat and there is the possibility that it could be miles from phone service and awkward if something inconvenient occurs. There you will not be able to call roadside assistance. So, you must own a portable air compressor for truck tires with you.

So, keep your preparation done in advance. The genius truck owners plan by keeping tools with them that will help them out of a jam. A portable air compressor provides you with ease to transport it wherever and whenever you need it.

Well, if you ever drive your truck on an off-road, then this type of air compressor can go with you if you have any problems with your truck tires.

Hence, for your comfort, we have collected the top most specified air compressors for truck tires that provide high portability. These air compressors are lightweight and easy to store anyplace, so there will be sufficient room in your truck for it to fit. Since these are so helpful, we have assembled a list of top-quality air compressors for truck tires.

Top 8 Best Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires Of Our Choice.

1. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor:

Are you searching for an air compressor that is easy to carry along with you in your truck? Here comes an ideal option for you. Viair represents an air compressor that is convenient and reliable as well. It supports easy portability feature so that you can carry it along with you.

This portable air compressor is an ideal option for those who own a truck. It provides the truck owners with an easy way to check and maintain the pressure of their truck tire every month.

VIAIR offers the most powerful DC oil-less air compressors and air adornments for off-road, rough terrain, and mechanical markets. This compressor is easy to move and carry so that it can easily move anywhere you want it to move.

The Viair 88P is a convenient little compressor that is fit for inflating up to 33-inch tires. It is also perfect for all those vehicles that come with the tires of approximately 33-inches. This air compressor is good for small ATVs, trucks, SUVs, and sedans.

Furthermore, this compressor utilizes a direct battery connection with two battery terminal clamps. Tire pressure can check to utilise the measure mounted over the unit, by temporarily turning the unit off.

Viair 00088 88P Compressor is a powerful thing and worth the cash. This compressor only needs 12 volts for maximum working pressure. The engine must be in running state during use.

Quick features:

  • Dual battery clamps: It uses two heavy-duty battery terminal clamps for giving power. This compact air compressor controlled through alligator clips that direct to the battery.
  • 120 PSI requires: The powerful compressor rich in features only requires 12 volts or 120 PSI for providing maximum working pressure. Additionally, it comes with 1.47 CFM free flow @ 0 PSI max. It is an outstanding feature that this compressor is providing.
  • Suitability: This newly-designed and powerful compressor is capable of inflating different vehicle tires in a few minutes. You can now fill the air in your car, bicycle, or other vehicles that have a maximum of 33-inches tires.


  • Heavy-duty battery terminal clamps
  • It also designs as an ultra-quiet compressor
  • Perfect for up to 33-inch tires
  • It comes with an LED/power indicator
  • Also provides an air hose of 12 ft.
  • It provides a power cord of 9 ft.


  • Some people complain that it goes hot during constant work

2. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator-Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Direct Drive Metal Pump 150PSI, Compressor with Battery Clamp and 5M Extension Air Hose, SUVs/Trucks/Vans/RVs:

Are you continuously searching for a 12V air compressor for truck tires, but still, you didn’t get the one? TIREWELL is a company that always cares about your needs and requirements. This company always offers you top-quality products. Likewise, this time they have come up with a powerful tool that offers a variety of features in it.

This powerful air compressor allows you to inflate your truck tires when the tire leaks or the pressure in the tire is not sufficient. It comes with a pump that utilizes an incredible direct-drive motor to drive the durable metal double cylinder that makes it a low turning rate and high effectiveness pump.

This pump has a top-notch cigarette lighter that comes with a built-in 15A circuit along with the 11.5ft cigarette lighter force cord. Additionally, it contains a 1.8ft inflation tube with a top-notch screw connector that can firmly associate with the tire gas mouth.

This air compressor blows up a standard vehicle tire in less than 2 minutes. That means this powerful and strong air compressor is capable of inflating any standard vehicle tire in just 120 seconds.

This air compressor has a variety of accessories that includes a battery clamp and three adapters for bicycles, balls, pool toys, sporting equipment, etc.

Its tire inflator provides reliability and durability. It also maintains the correct tire pressure to ensure traffic safety. Furthermore, it furnished with a 5M extension hose and best battery clamp.

Quick features:

  • 150 psi: This incredible air compressor provides the maximum pressure of 150 PSI with an airflow rate of 2.12 CFM @0PSI. This feature makes this air compressor capable of inflating standard vehicle tires in just 2 minutes.
  • Rubber feet: It contains a fuselage with a four-pole configuration that effectively decreases the vibration and unwanted noise. It has rubber feet to ensure the pneumatic machine stays where it is put and doesn’t move around during different activities.
  • Double cylinders: This air compressor arrives with two barrels that used to compress air simultaneously. It is amazing and quick inflatable. Additionally, the direct-drive motor enables the drive of low rotating speed.
  • Suitability: This strong and sturdy air compressor is highly suitable for SUVs, trucks, minivans, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, and many other vehicles.


  • Provide high efficiency
  • Compact in size
  • It is an ultra-quiet compressor
  • Stability


  • Few customers complain that it is slow to get to 110 PSI

3. Home Portable Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump, 12V Heavy Duty Portable Air Pump with LED Flashlight and LCD Digital Display Gauge for Car Tires, Balls, Other Inflatables:

A portable and compact air compressor is a need for all truck owners. So if you want to get a compact air compressor for your truck tires that are light in weight and easy to carry, then you must go with this compressor. Home Company has introduced a ground-breaking product.

It comes with an upgraded dual cylinder air compressor pump, which made up of high-quality copper. Furthermore, it outfitted with a self-adjusting technology that used to get stable and precise inflation with lower power utilization and quicker force lifting.

The double cylinders’ expansion is quicker and more secure than a single cylinder. Another important feature is that the tire weight can be expanded from 0 to 35PSI in a short time with the help of a double cylinder air compressor pump.

12V Heavy Duty Portable Air Pump is a smart air compressor that provides you with a lot of facilities. It can never get too hot during its job. It constructed in the way that it stays cool while working. So after a long period of continuous work, it will stay calm and cool.

Furthermore, it has an intelligent display used to preset the tire pressure more precisely than dial inflation. Its pump additionally has programmed automatic charging and stopping, so you don’t need to stress over inaccurate air pressure. These useful LED lights make ease and more convenient to inflate tires at night.

Its maximum pressure is 50 psi, at which it experiences difficulty filling tires. So that if you have a full-sized truck that you use to pull stuff, you’ll have to search for something stouter.

Quick features:

  • Intelligent-mode: This fabulous air compressor accompanies an intelligent mode. This compressor comes with LED digital display that you can use in dim condition. Now you can work in dark situations by using this technology.
  • Less-heat production: This compressor pump utilizes a double cylinder to work simultaneously. It additionally covered with the heat insulation shell, which tackles the issue of genuine warmth that is common with single cylinder air compressor pumps.
  • High-portability: This compressor comes with a rich toolbox that will help you to store accessories in it. It is a small storage pack that gives you the facility to store all the accessories in one organized place. It includes a variety of useful accessories in it.


  • It would not get hot during continuous work
  • Provide easy support
  • Provide high portability
  • Toolbox includes
  • LED


  • Not suitable for heavy vehicles

4. Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator:

If you are finding a heavy-duty portable truck tire inflator, then this groundbreaking tool might help you in this case. Slime 40026 model introduces a direct-drive tire inflator. Investing in this tool will provide you with convenience and maximum support.

It is best for its features. If you need a heavy-duty power, then trust this 2X tire inflator. This heavy-duty direct-drive tire inflator accompanies two cylinders to convey the greatest force for fast inflation, making it the most powerful and dominant inflator.

The compressors come in a variety of different sizes and functions. But the common function of every compressor is to inflate the tires of vehicles. This compressor also does the same functionality but in less than two minutes, which makes this compressor highly preferable.

This compressor is high in performance. To get maximum performance and power from this powerful compressor, connect this direct drive inflator to the battery. It accompanies an alligator-clip power adapter, through which you can connect the battery.

Furthermore, this compressor contains an in-line dial gauge that provides you ease to monitor the power pressure produced by the compressor. It likewise includes an internal thermal break that used to prevent overheating.

Quick features:

  • Easy-portability: This is the main feature that all people want to get in a compressor. This feature provides you with ease to carry this compressor easily. To carry this compressor, it comes with the aluminum-made holding and locking handle. Through this handle, you can carry it easily and reliably.
  • Rugged carry case: It comes with a useful carry case that provides you with high support and storage to keep your accessories in it. Now you don’t need to worry about to carry this compressor along with its accessories separately.
  • Super-quiet: This powerful compressor is super-quiet. If you work for so long, this compressor will not irritate you as other loud noise producing compressors do. This compressor lets you work in an ultra-quiet condition.
  • Bright LED light: If your truck gets a flat tire and stuck on an off-road at night time, then you will get benefit from this compressor as it includes an LED light in it. This light will facilitate you in dark situations where no light source is available to inflate your truck tire.


  • Easy to carry
  • Compact
  • Lightweight compressor
  • Super-quiet
  • LED light to use in dark
  • Twist-connect air hose


  • Few users complain about the hose gets hot quickly

5. Kensun AC/DC Power Supply Portable Air Compressor Pump with Analog Display to 100 PSI for Home (110V) and Car (12V), Tire Inflator with Adaptors for Cars, Trucks, Bicycles, Balls:

It is an incredible design air compressor that comes with several functionalities and features. Kensun is a trustable brand that converts your ideas into a fully-fledged reality. Same as this time, this company has introduced a masterpiece for you.

It is helpful for everything from bicycle tires, inflatable sleeping mattresses, sports balls, to various vehicle tires. This is a helpful air compressor as it just gauges 5 pounds. It’s preferably compact and easy to store away.

This compressor is an AC/DC air compressor that gives you a variety of features. You can plug it into the cigarette lighter attachment of your vehicle or in a wall at home.

This convenient tire inflator pump is particularly easy to use. It structures for emergency roadside inflation of tires similarly for the extension of sports balls, pools, and air beds. In like manner, the air compressor from Kensun is a quiet model and exceedingly reliable for swelling vehicles, trucks, and bike tires. We love how it is exceptionally quiet and calm.

Quick features:

  • Supportive: It provides great support when it comes to the point of the sport. Its needle nozzle will assist you with blowing up balls in a few minutes.
  • Portable: A significant selling purpose of Kensun Swift Performance Portable Air Compressor is its two-mode usefulness functionalities AC and DC–for blowing up inflatable items. Moreover, the AC plug includes enabling clients to blow up tires, bicycles, and balls from the comfort of their homes or garages. It is reliable and convenient to run directly from your garage. Additionally, the DC alternative empowers you to blow up tires while you are on the road by utilizing the cigarette plug line.
  • Fast and easy: In a very little time, this air compressor can accomplish your tasks. It provides the pressure speed range of 125 psi through which this compressor gets the job done in a short time-taking just or less than one minute.
  • Accurate analog tire pressure gauge: Inflating tires will never be effective without pressure readings. Therefore, a simple weight check is easy to use, as you can without much of a stretch read it because of its great features. Likewise, it is firm and reliable as it appears to be accurate because of the 35 psi precise measure.


  • Fast inflation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • It has a reliable analog gauge
  • Very quiet


  • The hose is a little short

6. Noone Digital Tire Inflator,12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump with Led Light for Car/Bicycle/Motorcycle/Ball/Balloon/Swimming Ring 180W 120PSI:

Have you ever tried a space-saving and convenient air compressor for your truck? Then you try this compressor. Noone is a company that provides you with quality products at an affordable price. It is rich in features, and it is a truck air compressor.

No one has represented a powerful compressor along with the easy portability feature. This compressor is multi-functional. It is attached by 12 volts of the port to the vehicle cigarette lighter port, whereas the pump has a long enough cord that helps to reach all vehicle tires easily.

This compressor is a compact tool that you can easily store and carry with you. It comes in a very small size. It has a holding handle with which you can hold it easily with stressing your arms.

Furthermore, this compressor comes in a package. This package includes several useful things. It includes one carry bag, one adapter for the balloon, one ball needle, one fuse, and a user manual. It is very easy to install. But if you get any difficulty while using it, you can read the user manual for easy installation.

This compressor is so powerful so that it only requires 12 volts to inflate a tire rated at 32 psi in just three minutes. This powerful compressor used to achieve stable and precise inflation by utilizing less power and faster powerlifting.

Quick features:

  • Automatically shut-off: There are a few compressors available in the market that comes with the feature of auto-shutoff. Fortunately, you have got this feature in this air compressor. The pump of this compressor shut-off automatically when the pressure reaches the value set by you.
  • Powerful and fast inflation:It provides 180W amazing metal engine that used to conveys inflation at a pace of 30 L/min, filling up a tire that rated at 30 PSI within 3 minutes. It comprises a small body, however incredible and powerful inflation.
  • Digital display:This vehicle air compressor highlights large LED digital display screens that used to monitor pneumatic pressure in PSI. It also features a BAR and a tire pressure gauge that provides the estimation range of 0-120 PSI.
  • Multi-functional:It accompanies an additional fuse and connectors, for example, a needle for balls and another nozzle to fill airbeds and skims. It used to power a variety of tools.


  • Fast inflation
  • Convenient
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Multi-functional
  • Digital display to monitor pressure


  • A little bulky


7. Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Air Compressor Kit:

Are you looking for a portable air compressor for tires? This air compressor is the best option to pick. Viair presents a powerful as well as a portable compressor that gives you much ease to carry it along with you.

This portable compressor is best suitable for larger vehicles. This compressor is mostly fit for trucks. The Viair 40047 is a convenient compressor fit for inflating up to 33-inch tires. It is perfect for all those vehicles that come with the tires of approximately 33-inches. This air compressor is suitable for small ATVs, trucks, SUVs, and sedans.

This compressor provides the maximum PSI of 150. It facilitates you by directly connecting it with your truck battery because the truck battery can power it. It additionally incorporates a tire inflation firearm, a measuring gauge, a built-in pressure switch, an air hose, RV accessories, and a carry case.

This model provides the duty cycle of a maximum of 33% along with the maximum pressure of 150 PSI. Additionally, it provides 2.3 CFM @ 0 PSI. Moreover, it provides an incredible maximum Amp draw rate of 30 Amps.

Moreover, it utilizes the 12 volts of less power to provide a maximum of 150 PSI working pressure during the running state of the compressor. That is why it is the perfect compressor for tires.

Quick features:

  • Sixty feet coil hose: This compressor accompanies two 30 feet loop hoses for a maximum length of 60-feet, which ought to be sufficient length for any size RV, home, or trailer.
  • Special tire attachments: This powerful tire inflator incorporates a 45-degree chunk and a 90-degree twist on a chunk for quick and easy access to raise dually tires where it becomes difficult to get to the inward tire’s valve stem. It likewise accompanies an inflation gun with a maximum 160psi measure.
  • Automatic shut-off function: This versatile compressor comes with a programmed automatic shutoff function when checking tire pressure in a tire fill.
  • Lightweight: Now, you don’t need to go through any more cash, as you already get all that you need. This fabulous multi-functional compressor only weighs 0.16 ounces, so it’s not by any means that overwhelming if you need to heft it around with you.


  • 12-volts
  • Compressor kit
  • 150 PSI max
  • Automatically shut-off
  • Gas station-style compressor
  • Heavy-duty dual battery clips
  • Heavy-duty deluxe carry bag


  • Expensive

8. GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders with Portable Bag, Metal 12V Air Compressor Pump 150PSI with Adapter for Car, Truck, SUV Tires, Dinghy, Air Bed, etc.:

Do you want to buy a compact air compressor for your truck tires that are light in weight and easy to carry? Here comes the well-known brand, GSPSCN, which always takes care of your needs and requirements. This time GSPSCN presents a portable compressor for truck tires that fits your needs.

This compressor goes with a heavy-duty double-cylinder design. It additionally provides an air flow of 70L/min. This little and incredible air compressor fills a standard vehicle tire in just one and a half minutes.

This air compressor is incredible and helpful in those conditions when your truck gets stuck due to the tire pressure is insufficient. At this time, it will support you. It comes with the fast inflation feature so that it quickly inflates your car tire.

This tool only needs 12v of power to provide maximum pressure and airflow. It is a powerful and convenient air compressor in which dual cylinders compress the air at the same time. Additionally, it equipped a direct-drive engine to drive the strong metal double cylinder.

Quick features:

  • Highly stable: It comes with rubber feet to ensure the pneumatic machine stays where it is put and doesn’t move around during different activities. This feature makes the auto air compressor more dominant and powerful. It successfully decreases vibration and unwanted noise.
  • Heavy-duty compressors: This compressor comes with an automatic tire inflator that makes this tire filling simple and easy. While many versatile air compressors turned off between tire fills and checking tire pressure, whereas the automatic compressors work while the trigger on the inflation firearm pulled. This compressor will surely save much time you needed it.
  • Equipped: This pump arrives with a 3M cigarette lighter along with a built-in 25A fuse, 11.5 ft. Cigarette lighter power cord, and 1.8 ft. Inflation tube. It also comes with an excellent screw connector that can be firmly associated with the tire gas mouth. Some other useful accessories include battery clamp, three adapters for bicycles, balls, pool toys, sporting equipment, etc.
  • Suitability: GSPSCN quick tire inflator is perfect for trucks, vans, RVs, Auto, hybrids, MPVs, SUVs, campers, trailers, autos. Likewise, it furnished with 3 nozzle connectors for pneumatic beds, bicycles, and inflatables.


  • Fine Oxford bag for storage
  • Double cylinder
  • Portable
  • 150 PSI
  • Air hose


  • Some complain that it needs to cool-down after every 10 minutes of use


So, the conclusion is, we have shown all those products that are perfect and ideal products available in the market. Not every person will need to purchase a similar convenient air compressor.

A few people will put a premium on force and speed, a few people will pick on dependent on cost, and a few people will search for one that comes with an easy setup and use.

We have suggested all the portable air compressor for truck tires. We composed these reviews to assist you with making sense of which criteria are generally more relevant to you and support you with settling on the correct decision.